Post-truth and truth: Two mutually exclusive notions?

  • Massimo Dell’Utri
Keywords: Post-truth, Truth, Steve Fuller, Modal Power, Disinformation


This article focuses on the conception of post-truth advanced by SteveFuller, undoubtedly one of the most important advocates of post-truth in the current literature. Among the central theses of this conception is that according to which “the post-truth problem is not the truth itself but people's ability to handle it” (Fuller 2018a: 40), from which it can be deduced that there is no denial of truthin the post-truth advocate’sperspective – the most important aspect being rather truth’s manipulation. Truth and post-truth would therefore not be mutually exclusive. Based on a detailed analysis of Fuller's conception, the article attempts to show that they are instead mutually exclusive notions, to the detriment of post-truth.


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